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Ottawa Business Journal Article on Gamal Rahman

Gamal Abdel  Rahman is an accomplished Artist, Photographer, Architect, Interior Designer.  Running The Connoisseur  Designer and Builder

Gamal has a passion for the arts in particular Painting, Calligraphy , Photography Architecture and Interior Design . This site focuses on these  disciplines.

Gamal created company 1332550 ONT. Inc in 1999. The company is composed of two divisions: 1) The Connoisseur Hair and Art Studio and; 2) The Connoisseur Designers and Builders.


Gamal has a B.S.C in Architecture and M.S.C in Interior Design.

Gamal was born in Egypt, his sense of adventure brought him to Canada and to “The Connoisseur Hair Studio”. He is a third generation hair stylist and the owner. His flair for hair and his knowledge will bring out the “Inner You”

Gamal Rahman Picture

Gamal Rahman Picture

Gamal began to explore nature using his inner eye to reveal the hidden beauty of flowers, trees and the rhythm of water. He shares that with humanity using his camera and his knowledge of acrylic paint on canvas.

Artist statement:
“When I walk I see the life in flowers, trees and in water. The light and shadows are dancing. The colours and movement create music in life. This symphony never ends. All you need is to open your eyes and your heart to see it. It is there. Can you see it?” 

Gamal Rahman met Reuban Tom Kee at his 2014 Art Expositions. Mr Kee became interested in Gamal’s diverse background (immigrant from Egypt) and expertise (Architect, Interior Designer, Artist, Photographer, Calligrapher,Hair Stylist and Hair Salon Proprietor). Mr Kee is an author and initially wanted to write an article about Gamal but finally decide the only way to do justice to Gamal’s story was to write a book which he did. The book is titled “The Story of Gamal Ali Out of the Land of La-La_La-La_La-Lee From the Land of the Pharaohs to the Land of the Maple Leaf” a book by Reuban Tom Kee.

The Story of Gamal Ali Rahman – PDF Format

The Story of Gamal Ali Rahman – Downloadable MS Word Format

Gamal Rahman Painting Volume 1 Landscape

Gamal Rahman Painting Volume 2 Portrait